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For a long time, many demanded the formation of a genealogical association in Haparanda. Similar associations were also in Övertorneå and Kalix 70 and 450 registered members. For years, groups and individuals in Haparanda and Tornio genealogy research on your own. Haparandabor, however, has called for an association for the purpose. For this reason, had Stefan Wennberg and Rolf Lustig first contact on "how we should proceed," to form the association of family history. The first meeting took place in early October 2008.


The 13/10 was met Rolf Lustig and Stefan Wennberg. We came to make an effort to start the Genealogical Society in Haparanda. A number of name suggestions were discussed for a planned interim board. The subjects were contacted for a first meeting on 29/10 at 18:30 and community centers could be at the library or database. In the first place, kontaktdes Demographic Database, which also ancestral reading room there. Proposed name of the association discussed and proposed statute would be developed hereafter.

The 16/10 contacted Demographic Database Manager Karl-Johan Ruisniemi about our plans to form a Genealogical Society. Ruisniemi promise to set up the meeting room and also participate in the first meeting. A number of "known genealogist" has also promised to participate in the efforts to form an interim board.

The 29/10 met a number of people on the demographic database for the formation of a local släkforskarförening in Haparanda. The group consisted of 11 people, seven of Haparanda and three from Tornio. The group decided to form an association with joint activity Haparanda-Tornio. The name was suggested hot HaparandaTornio Genealogical Society until a planned annual meeting at the end of the year or in February 2009.

An interim board was appointed, consisting of seven members and four members appointed to the Nominating Committee, two from Haparanda and two from Tornio.

Proposed Charter was adopted and the membership fee was set at $ 100. Marketing would be helped through "word of mouth" method, appropriation of public places, newspaper contacts, etc. prior stroke.

The 10/11 2008 met the Foundation Board for its first meeting and has since held five meetings until the first annual meeting.

To the annual meeting on 11/2 2009, 20 medlemmmar and interested, then a statutory board was appointed, consisting of a chairman and six members and three deputies. In addition, both were appointed auditors and the new nomination.

Text Rolf Lustig

In the picture the person who helped start genealogical association. From left Marketta Anundi, Vigert Haapasaari, Gunnel Snäll, Tore Simu, Juhani Mäkitalo, Esko Isonikkilä, Sven Laakso, Martti Säipa and Stefan Wennberg.

In the picture are missing Rolf Lustig (photographer).

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