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Membership is open to all, regardless of place of residence and who want to work for the association's goals.

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The membership fee is 150 SEK / year or 16 €. For the family member and adolescents up to 20 years, the fee is 75 € / year or 8 €  / year.

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I wish to become a member of HaparandaTornio Genealogy Association (HTSF) and get access to locally produced research material. In addition, as a member of the Association gives you access to Erik Wahlberg's extensive handwritten research (more than 10 000 pages) of the families in the Torne Valley on both sides of the border.

Memember HaparandaTornio Släktforskarförening (150 kr)
Abonnemang 6 m Erik Wahlberg (200 kr)
Abonnemang 1 year Erik Wahlberg (300 kr)
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